Fon lives to please her friends: it is not a prescription for happiness

January 28, 2012 § Leave a comment

I was beginning to give thought in my mind of how much I should give Fon at parting; and whether she would make any trouble about it; when she suggested that I take her to her favorite bar.  At first I was reluctant to go, knowing that Kung would probably be there and things could get out of hand.  But having given the matter a little thought I realized that that might not be a bad thing at all, as it could solve my problem (if Fon chose to walk off in anger), and might be enjoyable into the bargain.

It was:  I bought both girls their drinks and played pool with Kung while Fon huddled with her bar girl friends who told her in conspiratorial whispers how I two-timed her, all the while waving to me and from time to time engaging me in a spot of hi-byes (you can’t call what they can say in English, or I in Thai, conversation), or bringing me a snack from their table.  (“The two faced Yellow Race!”, no doubt, my club-handed friend Wilhelm would have here exclaimed had he lived to hear this story).

Kung was somewhat flummoxed at first but got over it quickly; and gave me a fun game of pool, no doubt thinking I might yet hire her again in a few days; and Fon kept cool until we got home; when we did, she grabbed her things and left.  I stopped her long enough to exchange a few words:  I explained to her how I hired Kung when I thought Fon was never coming back.  But she kept saying something that suggested she had got her dates wrong; or perhaps her friends had given her wrong dates.  I realized then, again, that the anger was about her friends — the fact that her friends disapproved; and also that her friends’ reports were probably given with more than a little joy:  Fon was so proud to show me; they were happy to prick her pride.  They might have exaggerated things, or lied, but, at any rate, they clearly stoked up her moral outrage beyond what can be reasonable in bar girl.  And Fon was not smart enough to see this.  Fon lives to please her friends:  it is not a prescription for happiness.


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