Is that a return to roots?

March 17, 2012 § Leave a comment

Listening to a radio program on being rooted somewhere — a question they reframe during the conversation as “identity”, or “belonging” or “identification”– three “specialists in rootedness”, two with “extensive” travel experience”, plus moderator, I have the impression that either the speakers or I do not understand the issue.  The example they give at the outset of a Polish agnostic traveling to the East to experiment with Buddhism and then returning to become a practicing Catholic — is that a return to roots?  In what sense?

Pan professor’s claim that entirely rootless persons do not exist, are a myth, with which all agree, tells me that none of them have experienced rootlessness and therefore that none are entitled to speak about it.  And since they are supposed to be specialists in the matter, more traveled, more experienced, I am guessing they all are like that — humans; which means that I’m… not human.


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