On Beauty

April 22, 2012 § Leave a comment

There is a fundamental problem with “On Beauty”:  and it is illustrated by the instance of “Bach sounding like a sewing machine sometimes”:  Mothersill isn’t an connoisseur of the arts she uses as her examples — and is therefore bound to misunderstand how one perceives or evaluates beauty in those arts, and therefore — in general.

Perhaps there are two fundamental problems with it:  the second being that although I think I have come to understand a good deal about value judgments in art — certainly more than the book’s author does — yet I no longer care to share what I have learned — and therefore to put it in writing, and therefore to systematize it; and therefore my knowledge — experience is the better word, as the skill isn’t sufficiently explicit — will remain inchoate, felt and practiced, but unconceptualized, undescribed, untheorized, untaught.

Aesthetics shall remain in darkness.

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