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Bluebeard, on the other hand, is a play about a different kind of misunderstanding:  a younger person (Judith) nosing about the private record of an older one (her new husband’s past):  what she discovers terrifies her.  Rightly or wrongly?  It is hard to say:  some people really do have dark secrets; but often what is a secret only seems dark because the discoverer does not know all the facts, or does not have the personal experience which might allow him or her to be a good judge.  In my personal life, I have always preferred not to open closed doors:  on the theory that if what is behind is really important, my partners will eventually tell me about it, and if it is not important, then I don’t need/care to know.  But this is a kind of wisdom which only comes with age — if at all.  Perhaps also it comes more easily to the self-confident:  fear scurries in search of hidden facts, but contentment is content to let things alone.  A lesson in wisdom, perhaps, but one that cannot really be taught.


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