The things you notice

May 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

The things you notice on the 22nd viewing of Il Gattopardo, two small, one big:

a) at the beginning of the ballroom scene, Tancredi introduces to Angelica two young, dashing friends grasping their appointment carnets:  Fulco and… Gioacchino Lanza.  Has anyone noticed?  [Gioacchino Lanza is the nephew of Old Tomasi, his adopted son, and was probably the model for Tancredi.  Is this his “cameo”?  I look at the young man in the film and compare him to Lanza’s adult photos available online and can’t make it out.]

b) the floor in the ballroom — I figured it out — it is painted tile.  I have never seen such a thing:  is it practical?  It looks fabulous.

c) the motive of the the morning execution of the Garibaldisti is Visconti’s interpolation. It’s also ahistorical: Aspromonte lies not in Sicily but in Calabria. It’s also not very Tomasian — it emphasizes (like all Italian commentators do) the political aspect of the novel. (The novel does have bleeding slaughtered bulls carted in the street as Il Principe leaves the ball: perhaps that gave Visconti the idea).


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