That company is not a good; only good company is

September 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’ve gone back to reread M’s letters — after all she was an important person in my life for more than half of it — and ended up dwelling for a while on the 11 points she makes concerning my paradox (that I actively avoid people yet find most pleasure in art and music which are, after all, the works of people).  Try as hard as I would, none of these comments seemed to me worth reflecting upon.

Or answering.

This really does seem to be the end.


M’s comments were strangely similar to all the comments — thousands of them — which I had received on the MSB (aka “My Successful Blog”), now since closed; closed because running it in part consisted in engaging the commenters — i.e. replying to their comments; and the comments being worthless and not worth replying to, the work eventually became dull.  In the three years I ran it, how many good comments can I count?  Four?  Five?

Company is not a good; good company is; but where it is absent, and it is absent always, remaining alone with oneself and keeping one’s own counsel is the way to go.


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